Sunday, June 12, 2011


When you go into Clarks you can get shoes for crawlers, cruisers or walkers. Of course, if the climate was better, I'd probably just leave her barefoot, but so far this summer has not been 'learn to walk outside barefoot' weather. Amaia is a bum shuffler. Why don't they realize bum shufflers need quite different shoes? In fact you need to make two types of bum-shuffler shoes - right-footed bum-shuffler shoes and left-footed bum-shuffler shoes! Ideally Amaia needs the sole to be on the left-hand side of her left shoe, not underneath it and she most definitely needs it to fasten in the inner side of the shoe, not the outer side. As you can see, she has completely destroyed the buckle strap by dragging her left foot under her. Her right foot needs a reinforced heel too as she drags herself around on that. I know bum shuffling isn't half as common as crawling but offering even one model would certainly help those who are 'lucky' enough to have a shuffler baby!

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Comtessa said...

My friend actually told a Clarks shop
Manager to bring out a shuffling range and he said he'd pass it on. If enough people tell them, maybe they'll do something!