Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I had to laugh this morning watching the 90 or so new primary ones running into school. What do some of the parents think their kids are going to be doing in school for the next year? Some of them had on schoolbags so big they actually couldn't keep their balance. One child actually needed his teacher to walk beside him holding the bag by the handle at the top as he was unable to stand at all! Some of the poor wee souls could have gone camping in their bags! Many waddled with huge overpacked bags knocking heavily on their coccyx.
What was wrong with reading the instructions parents received back in May? We were advised to buy a small bag just big enough for one A4 folder and a pencil case. Twenty years from now the whole of Newton Mearns is going to be full of small adults whose growth was stunted by overzealous parents in their early childhood!

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