Friday, August 20, 2010


I've been having missing sock problems all my parenting life. I remember ranting about them in my very first blog postings. I counted nearly forty single socks today - I have been bagging them for years assuming the missing ones would turn up immediately if I gave up and threw them out.
Then today it struck me. What the world needs is disposable socks. Could this be the thing that will make me a millionaire and let me retire at last? I'm away to look into them...

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Harry Campbell said...

Surely we have that already: almost all clothes are effectively disposable nowadays. They're absurdly cheap and the idea of mending them seems positively quaint. When they start to look shabby -- if they get the chance and you haven't got bored with them already -- you just throw them away. Disposable is not quite the same as single-use, but no-one would turn a hair if you bought some socks and threw them away after wearing them once.