Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Surprisingly we only had one morning of rain on our sixteen day tour of the UK. We decided to spend it looking for South Devon Chilli Farm after seeing its address on the back of a jar in the campsite shop.
It wasn't far and offered free tastes of most of their products (from sauces to jams to chocolate bars) and a chance to see a good number of varieties of chilli grown in their poly tunnels.
They were friendly and full of advice too. Unfortunately we were too far from home to buy any of their beautiful plants, though we bought a few bottles, jars and some hot hot chocolate powder. I am happy to see on their site they have one stockist in Stewarton which fairly close to here, especially given the speed Marcel is getting through our Extreme Bhut Jolokia sauce... he's testing the mettle of his friends by offering them it claiming it is his usual Dorito salsa! (I wonder how many friends he still has!?)
I'd thoroughly recommend an hour here if you're stuck in the rain in Devon!

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