Thursday, August 12, 2010


As part of our ambitious camping trip (a 2000 mile trip round the UK with all five kids in a car without a roof box or trailer!) we stayed in a city camp site in the East end of London. The site itself was a green oasis in the middle of urban London surrounded by an electric fence that made us wonder where we were! I have camped all my childhood and most of my adult life. I have never had any problems camping. You can leave things in your tent because you know no one will ever enter your tent. A tent is sacred to other campers. So given the electric fence I was more than surprised when I returned home the first day and found a few things had been moved. Having no valuables in the tent, I just carried on as always. The second day I returned to find crunchy nut cornflakes had been emptied all over the living room of my tent and someone had broken the box of dried baby food. Is this what happens when you camp in a big city? I had camped in Nice and Florence before without any issues. I was puzzled. On the third night it suddenly dawned on me who had been invading my tent... the shredded Tesco bags were the giveaway. Bloody urban squirrels!

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