Friday, August 08, 2008


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Tonight Peter made a BBQ. He got the kids to amass newspapers, branches and twigs in the garden. The pile was huge. Marcel and Charlotte were having a whale of a time. Marcel got the matches. I said to Lots that if she was to continue building the fire she'd need to tie back her hair as it'd be dangerous otherwise. She stomped off in a huff and hugged a tree hoping I'd renege. I couldn't of course so she proceeded to spend an hour watching the boys build her beloved fire from afar. This has to be a child who is stubborn beyond what is good for her. I know wearing a bobble for 15 minutes breaks her 'no girlie hair' rule but surely safety comes first?
I can see the future now. When she's 12 and desperate to play Chemistry in High school she'll be hanging up her goggles and lab coat the first time the teacher points out she needs a bobble on before igniting the Bunsen burner, despite Chemistry being a great love of hers. Silly child.


Trine said...

What exactly is a bobble? :)

Phyl said...

Just something used to tie back hair - google 'hair bobble' and check images results.

Trine said...

Okay, I thought it was something more fancy, since it was so girlish. :)

Actually I find loose hair far more girlish than tied(?) hair. And far less practical. I always wear my hair in a braid, since I find that the most practical.