Friday, August 15, 2008


A pen and a piece of foam
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Usually I give Anna some milk late in the evening and she falls asleep, whereby we put her in her cot. She then doesn't tend to stir until 4am.
Last night I fed her as usual around 9pm, but instead of falling asleep she became playful. We left her sitting on the floor in the sitting room and an hour later Peter told us she'd fallen asleep on the couch so we put her to bed, not worried because she'd had her last feed of the night.
At 4ish she cried as always. I picked her up but she didn't seem to be able to feed. She couldn't latch on and screamed and twisted in a very unusual manner. I tried for at least 15 minutes in bed before deciding something was very wrong. I had considered she could be unwell but there was no sign of fever, just discomfort. I turned on the light and tried to feed her again. She started to cry and to my alarm, I realized something was stuck on the back of her tongue making her unable to move it to breastfeed properly. I held her mouth open while Thomas fished out this large piece of foam. I can only assume she found it on the floor or under the couch before falling asleep and had managed to sleep 6 hours without choking despite it being stuck to her tongue. She fell asleep almost instantly after a proper feed, relieved. I, on the other hand, sat up the rest of the night watching her breathe thankfully.
What a night....

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