Sunday, August 03, 2008


I'm not fully sure I understand the mobile phone era, or more precisely the pricing strategies. Email spam is bad enough but it has just occurred to me that on mobiles you actually have to pay for spam. Huh?
Marcel had over ten pounds on his phone this morning but having received a string of unwanted texts from some magazine add he now finds he has only 77p remaining despite not actually wanting the texts. We are abroad so he is having to pay incoming texts. Fortunately he has PAYG and not a contract or he could run up an infinite bill. Isn't it time phone companies allowed you to see who a text is from so you can accept or reject it when you are abroad? Either that or charging for incoming texts is a recipe for disaster and financial ruin :-(

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The Scudder said...

This is bloody ridiculous ,,
You should send this to your MP, all the Phone companies, Watchdog, the phone Ombudsman ( whoever he might be ? etc ,,,complaining like mad !!
I too am now in full BATTLE mode with Orange and I fully intend doing all of the above with them too !