Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, I for one am looking forward to my annual meeting with my boss this year to ask for a rise. Why? Well, usually a pitiful 2.5% or similar is on the table, and they cite inflation rates as the reason. I always find this crippling, given nursery (and everything else in my life) seems to run at nearer 5% so year after year I get a virtual pay cut. This year I will be going in armed with my IKEA receipt from this afternoon. About 3 weeks ago I bought Léon IKEA's kids' meatballs at £1 for 5, today however the same 5 meatballs seem to cost £1.50. Now I know IKEA is cheap to start with, a real bargain, but I don't see why that gives them the right to increase the prices by 50%. If inflation is truly running around 2.5%, then I am quite happy for IKEA to increase the price of my baby's meatballs by 5p every 2 years, no more, no less.

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