Wednesday, November 07, 2007


New Year's 2003
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Well today turned out to be interesting. I had an ante-natal at the hospital instead of my usual GP one. Last time I was at the hospital around 8 weeks ago, I asked whether there was anything special about the way they were going to treat me given my age. At the time they said that the only consequence of being so old was that they would not let me go past my date and have me in on my due date with a view to induction.

Today I saw the other consultant and nonchalantly mentioned to her that I saw little need to book an appointment that day as she had just told me the baby was much further down in my pelvis than she'd have expected for 35 weeks. She said her policy was quite different on induction and told me that if she was the one who saw me the week I was due, she would only induce birth if there were signs of placental breakdown. She went on to say that if both the baby and I were well, she would wait the normal 10 days and then induce me. I laughed and mentioned that 10 days meant December 24, so assumed she'd reconsider. She didn't see any need and booked me in for 12 midday on December 24. I mean this is kid 4 and I have never got to a due date yet, so doubt I should be worried but on the off chance the different genetic makeup does delay labour, wouldn't that be ironic? The only heathen in the family would manage to provide a grandchild for the ministerial family on Christmas night - hahaha! If she'd been a boy, should we have called her Jesus?


Sebastian said...

Sweet in a way.
A girl should be a Mary og Maria, I think, and a boy cold be Joseph, wouldn't that be better? ;)
Best wishes anyhow for the upcomming birth.

The Scudder said...

Have you considered that thro' all his protestations Thomas may actually be an agent of the Lord ,.,. sent here to woo you and bring you into the fold ,,,I mean, only yesterday was I saying that he had some strange and difficult to understand ( like Jesus before him ? ) thoughts !!
Maybe this family are trying to tell you something ,,or show you The Way ??
Possibly you should be considering a simple Mary Mag moniker for the new we'an ?