Wednesday, November 28, 2007


You probably remember my vanishing blood tests from last month... I ended up wandering around anaemic for 6 weeks because of some blood tests lost in the post. Now the hospital has actually only wanted to see me twice in the last 25 weeks - something I find fairly surprising given I'm 8 weeks off 40, but there you go. The first time they took and lost blood tests, at 28 weeks pregnant. The second time they saw me at 34 weeks they sent away urine samples because they suspected several problems - they'd found protein, sugar and nitrites they wanted to investigate. I was to phone my GP a week later. A week later he'd received nothing, 2 weeks later, he'd received nothing. He told me to ring the hospital, who told me to ring the GP. Today - as I reach the beginning of the 39th week I get a letter from the hospital saying my urine had been untestable and telling me to go have it repeated at my GP's surgery next week and that I'd get the results the following week - quite frankly - what is the point in that if I have 2 weeks left to go and Léon was nearly 3 weeks early? I will be ignoring their letter - I'll just leave them to test the baby herself whenever she pops out...

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