Sunday, November 18, 2007


 Aix market Originally uploaded by PhylB
Thomas and I were discussing food markets the other day after seeing footage of Gordon Ramsay going round a market in Paris looking for fresh ingredients. Having spent many years in France, on and off, there is nothing quite like a French food market, not just for fresh and mouthwatering ingredients but also as a photographer's dream. Bursts of colour juxtaposed - truly beautiful, wonderfully tasty and exquisitely aromatic. We found the same in the huge food market in Riga (Latvia) last autumn too. The pomegranates were amazing. Then in the summer, Thomas took the kids and I to a north African market in Denmark. Again mile after mile of fruit, vegetables, and spices by the bucket load. Why are we the poor men of Europe as always? Why do we in Britain put up with 2 and a half aisles in the local Tesco or nothing? If there was one thing I could import into Glasgow because it is severely lacking - it has to be the fresh food markets.

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Thomas Widmann said...

I agree – I cannot think of anything else Glasgow needs as urgently. The farmer's market in the West End is a joke in comparison.