Thursday, July 26, 2007


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Last summer I turned on my computer one day. Out of the blue the google ad that popped up told me my Barbra was about to tour the US. I nearly fell off my seat, given firstly that I thought she'd retired and secondly that I had only spent the last 20 years looking for an excuse to fly to New York. So I turned on my computer the day the tickets went on sale, assuming all attempts to get through would be in vain and fell off my seat a second time when I actually got a ticket before they sold out within the first half hour.
I flew over to Manhattan, just baby Pudge and I and the rest you can read on my blog archive for October 2006.
When google next informed me she was coming to Europe, I thought for about half an hour that it would be a piece of self-indulgent nonsense to go see her a second time, and then I rationalized quite how often I have spent money on myself in the past 15 years and realized that I was only talking about the financial equivalent of a trip to Tesco or two. So I bought tickets for Rome and the saga began, Rome of course got moved to Z├╝rich , after I had Ryanair tickets to Rome, then we had a wedding to go to so were in Scandinavia when she first came to the UK and then Ireland - by the time Rome was refunded the only venue that hadn't sold out completely was the O2 arena in London last night. After working out how to run from the office to the airport and get to Gatwick with about 2 hours to spare, we finally got to the long stalked event.
The O2 itself was much bigger than I had imagined - I had only ever seen it from the air when flying over London so was amazed at the size when we arrived at North Greenwich. Knackered but happy I sat down to enjoy nearly 3 hours of the singer I have loved since I was just 7 years old, accompanied by a man I can only assume must love me a lot, given he flew straight from work and arrived back and had to go back into the office, exhausted after indulging me in my fantasy. Thanks!

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The Scudder said...

Did poor Thomas know that he was taking on a crazy woman, her three kids AND Barbra ? I wonder ??
He must truly love you petal ,,, hold on to him !