Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Since the EU expanded a while back we seem to have been hearing a lot about Polish workers taking over the UK. At first I didn't notice any, then the odd car on the motorway with a Polish number plate, then I heard our factory at HarperCollins Publishers was bussing in Poles to do all the distribution work but interestingly, the one place where you see it overwhelmingly, not just in the UK but also Ireland, is in airports.
When I was passing through Stansted last month going to Rome, I first noticed on a toilet stop that all the cleaners were speaking Polish, then I went for lunch in the 'Irish pub' in Stansted and all the waitresses were speaking Polish, finally Ryanair's check-in staff also all had Polish names. Then last Sunday I noticed the check-in staff in Dublin were also all Polish...I wonder what the fascination with airport jobs is - it is almost like they fly in but never make it any further!

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