Sunday, July 29, 2007


I touched on this parking nonsense the other week but now it really is annoying me. Firstly, if they are going to introduce parking supposedly to leave spaces for the poor workers and patients that are currently being taken by selfish commuters then why not issue the workers, for a start, with free parking permits like Collins issue me with and have done for 17 years? Why are poor nurses on less than £10K a year being given a pay cut of £60 a year? And then there is the problem that they are installing prepay meters, rather than a system whereby you take a ticket and pay on exit. That means you have to overestimate your stay and therefore overpay your stay. You could arrive at 1-20pm for a 1-30pm appointment scheduled to take ten minutes so assume you will be safe prepaying a half hour stay but are you willing to pay the fine if it overruns to an hour or even an hour and a half - not likely, so they do you out of 3 times your parking charge...not to mention the poor buggers who are trying to estimate how long their labour will be, or their stay in casualty, or those simply rifling through their bag for change while holding a baby gasping for air because it is choking on a piece of lego. This is nothing but a money grabbing scheme - all it would take, if it truly was a question of keeping out commuters, would be for the barrier which is already in place at both the entrance and exit of the Yorkhill site to be operated by exit cards given out free to staff and patients alike at the end of their shift or appointment. So stop the lying and admit this is a tax on people in need of hospitals.

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