Friday, July 27, 2007


Ten years already - God childhood sure passes a lot quicker from the parents' perspective than the kids' :-(
I got to take them all for lasagne in a proper Italian restaurant for lunch, where all 3 behaved like angels (miracles do happen) followed by an afternoon of little yellow people on the big screen. As the Simpsons is usually on at 6pm, I am often faffing in the kitchen or around the dining table then, rather than watching so I am not overly familiar with many beyond the main five. (Does anyone know why they are yellow? I am afraid to ask the kids in case they laugh!)
Marcel and Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed this 90 minute episode of their favourite family and in particular the few minutes where Bart is dared to skateboard naked through town. We even got to see some real naked little boy bits - how very unAmerican! ;-)

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