Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I turned on the radio yesterday to hear that the headline news in Glasgow in February 2007 is that childcare costs a lot! This is news???? It hits the headlines in 2007 that many people are paying out more in childcare than in mortgage. I am astounded they've just noticed. It is almost 9 years to the day since Marcel first started nursery in the West end of Glasgow and even then my nursery fees were 30% higher than my mortgage. They wonder why the population isn't growing, why we are soon going to have more pensioners than kids in this country and in the same breath they mention that nursery costs on average one third of the average person's income per child. Well given most people need to pay more than just childcare - I mean most people have accomodation to pay, food, a car, petrol, insurance of various different types, heating, holidays, etcetcetc and they wonder why we can't shell out 60% of our salary for childcare for 2 under 5s. Give me strength. It isn't rocket science. If they want us to work and have kids then childcare has to cost less than your entire salary, no?

Pudge goes to a lovely nursery - I can't recommend it highly enough, but yes it does cost a third of my income to pay his 5 morning sessions a week :-(

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