Sunday, February 18, 2007


Tonight I had this great idea. After seeing Thomas's
Blue Pudge in a grey world and yellow duck I got this idea that a simple black and white shot with just my kids' eyes coloured in would be nice - Marcel's are olive green, Charlotte's a lighter green and Pudge is blue so I thought this would work for all three. I went through all the steps in the GIMP tutorial but the eye colour was so pale against the grey that it simply still looked grey - I was more than annoyed so put on my thinking cap. I went back to the original photo, turned up the greens and down the reds till the photo was much stronger in colour. Then I swapped into black and white and set about erasing the grey mask over the coloured eyes, expecting my lateral thinking couldn't fail to result in anything short of a stunning shot of Charlotte's beautiful green eyes...Wrong again - I got this seriously weird result which was so far from what I was attempting that I felt it necessary to upload it anyway. I guess I should retry over then next few days - I'm sure my idea will work eventually - I just need to adjust my greens a wee bit.

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