Wednesday, May 31, 2006


And so I have just spent 3 hours ironing - I knew learning 4 languages and spending 5 years studying for an MA degree would make my life more fulfilled :-( Anyway, I have one question to all the housewives, househusbands or general dogsbodies of the world. Where do all the socks go? With a family of 5, my washing machine does maybe 8, maybe 9 loads in a week (shocking, no? No wonder I spend my every waking hour at the ironing table) but somewhere socks go missing, some great sock-eating creature from outerspace stalks its way around my house and eats single socks. Today's basket contained a record 15 individual unmatched socks. Is that possible? I checked under the beds, the couches, in the washing baskets, behind furniture but they have vanished. They have simply vaporized! Could it be that the children accidentally came home from school, or swimming or whatever wearing just 1 sock - surely I would have noticed - surely they would have noticed? Even the baby has joined in! Please, I beg you, somebody tell me where the hell do all the socks go????!!!


Sebastian said...

Have you considered the owl up on the shelf?
No I'm not joking!
We have a childrens book about an owl living on a shelf and building a nest of single socks, so there are only singles left to the kids. Try giving it an old hat or something for its nest, so the socks will return ;_)
Another solution is to get rid of the singles, and the others return. Try also asking ther borrowers to bring them back.

Phyl said...

2 have returned!!! The bottom 2, 13 to go - bet if I offered my kids £1 each to find the socks, they'd suddenly all turn up back in the basket!

Sebastian said...

That might help, ya. Good lock ;-) Remember to make them a bank account first, so they don't spend the money on nothing ;_)