Monday, May 22, 2006


I couldn't have a photo of Granda and not have one of Gramps, Matthew Stirling (23-03-21->27-02-97)(aka Beermat because of his fondness of all things alcoholic!) He and Gran looked after me every Friday night till I turned 16, or rather Gran did while Gramps staked out the local pub then rolled home at closing time with a bar of Fry's Chocolate cream for me and Derek. I never found it in my heart to tell him I hated that chocolate!

I also have very fond memories of being driven about (he was a terrible driver) in the back of his plumber's van, sliding from side to side sitting on the spare wheel surrounded by smelly bits of old toilets! (Seatbelts weren't compulsory in the 70s, in fact neither were back seats - patently!)

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