Monday, May 29, 2006


Decided to take my kids on a day trip to the Safari Park yesterday. Maybe not the best idea given Charlotte's inexplicable dislike of almost all animals...anyway we'd seen the rhinos, the elephants and the lions and I didn't think things were going too badly. How are you enjoying this I asked her. I'm a bit disappointed she replied - haven't seen a single Ferrari!
Guess she thought a trip to the Ferrari Park would be similar to being a spectator at the Monaco Grand Prix :-) The setting is pretty though.


The Scudder said...

Hey you ,, Mrs. Blog
Stop telling the world MY Lottie stories ,,, You'll put me out of business !

The Scudder said...

And as for the "funy thing the human brain" I once tried listing ALL the songs I knew ,.,. Alas a completely silly, impossible task ,,, but it must run to many, many thousands ,.,. Obviously means the brain is much more suited to logging trivia than work stuff ,,
Oh and thanks Thomas ,, I was cute wasn'tI ?