Thursday, August 24, 2017

Somehow, I've been done

My table is getting a bit old and done, but buying a new one is a bit beyond my means. On holiday in Italy, several cafés we went into had vinyl table cloths with coffee beans on them. I decided I'd look for one. On the day we went to Montevarchi market, there was one on sale at just 7 Euros - perfect. We bought a 2 metre chunk and brought it home. We didn't open it till we got home... why would we? - you don't use a table cloth on holiday! Now I've unrolled it, I think I've worked out why it was only 7 Euros. I guess it's unique, you could say it has a certain charm. Maybe it'll come in useful for... I dunno... lying on my back on it taking selfies?! (No, innuendo please!) Oh well, why not?

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