Thursday, June 04, 2015

A different Denmark

Anna in CopenhagenThe girls in their pink buggy the day before it died

Here's a photo of Anna the last time she was in Copenhagen. She had just turned two! She has spent five days in Denmark since then (Ã…rhus in February of 2013). A week at two and five days at five is probably not enough to give her a real sense of what Denmark is like as I mentioned recently. This is having rather amusing consequences (though I suspect it might lead to disappointment if we ever manage to rustle up the £1500 it costs to fly over when your family is this size!)...

We were at school yesterday for a parents' meeting with her teacher. While waiting for our turn we were leafing through her classwork when I came across a story she had written for her teacher. It was the story of a Danish child who lived in Copenhagen and who'd taken a boat trip out into the harbour. Swept away to sea by a storm, she found herself shipwrecked on an island (presumably Bornholm from her description of the trip). The girl then spent ten years waiting to be rescued but survived completely alone by climbing the local palm trees and eating copious amounts of coconut flesh! I suspect the climate may disappoint little Anna if we manage to get there in reality - I certainly don't remember eating too many home-grown coconuts any time I've been over!

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