Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Oh, the imagination!

Glasgow Tall Ship

I'm working this evening so I ask the four kids who are home if they can entertain themselves. Léon heads for the PS3, Charlotte disappears upstairs. I assume Anna and Amaia are playing with dolls or something similar. I get up to pass through the dining room to get a coffee and Anna is sitting blindfolded at the table. Amaia is sitting in front of her with a dozen teaspoons, a jar of nutella, a jar of jam, some olives, some sugar, mustard, some spices, a tomato, a pear and a bottle of soy sauce. 'What on earth are you two up to?' I ask. Amaia replies that she's invented a 'guess the taste' game. Anna is either very brave or highly gullible! I'd never have trusted my little brother to spoon things into me blindfolded as a child - I'd have been afraid of tadpoles or similar!

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