Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Coffee man

Cappuccino maker

Léon drinking coffee

Léon's always been a wee coffee lover. Even at three he knew how to make an espresso!

We've told him he can have a little room of his own when Marcel goes to uni in September instead of sharing the biggest bedroom with Anna and Amaia as he does at the moment. He has been looking forward to it for years because he is a tidy child, and they are prone to leaving every toy and piece of clothing they own on the floor, but when asked what he'd like best, he replied: 'I'll have my own alarm clock, so I'll be able to set it ten minutes before the others so I can come down first and make myself a wee coffee to ease myself into the day!' I have to admit I hadn't expected that, but it made me laugh.

Maybe he could set his alarm 15 minutes early and make three cups instead of one. I'd enjoy the school run much better if I'd woken up to a cappuccino in bed!

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