Friday, January 30, 2015

Thanks for reminding me!

You can always rely on little kids for a dose of reality...

Overnight it hadn't snowed but it did feel cold and Léon was dressed first and ready to shoot out the door by 8-20am (he has a school trip to Bannockburn today, hence the enthusiasm so late in the week).

Me: Can you nip out quickly Léon, while I'm doing Amaia's hair and see if my car needs scraped?
Léon (enthusiastically): Sure, mum!
Anna (ever so helpfully): No, mum, remember, you don't actually have a car any more. Daddy's just letting you borrow his to take us to school!

Well, thanks for that Anna. I had, of course, completely forgotten that my car had dropped dead on the M77 three weeks ago losing me the thousands of pounds I had been offered for it a couple of weeks earlier and that I no longer own one.

Maybe I'll rename Léon Mr Sweet and Anna Miss Pedantic. Or maybe I'll just google where I can sign Anna up for a course of kiddie tact lessons. Grrrr!

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