Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still learning

It has been nearly five years since Léon was first diagnosed as long-sighted and I am surprised to find I am actually still learning how to be the parent of a child who needs glasses. I didn't get reading glasses myself till after 40 and I only wear them for reading so there are aspects of glasses that still surprise me. I have learned that small children need their glasses cleaned much more often than adults, that goes without saying. They are more than happy to walk about with lenses smeared in yogurt, grease and beans without a thought of wiping anything off. I often wonder at what point it would occur to them to clean them themselves. On a more positive note, I have learned that, unlike me, my kids never misplace their glasses because they never take them off. That is a relief! 

Yesterday I took the two of them for their annual eyesight test. Their prescriptions haven't really changed and their glasses look ok to me, if a little scratched, so I feared we wouldn't be given another NHS-funded pair, as this scenario has not happened before. The optician looked appalled when I asked if that was the case and explained that although my child did have a working pair of glasses that are the correct prescription, his face had grown so much over the last 12 months that his pupils were now in completely the wrong place for the frames he was wearing and she was surprised he hadn't started complaining of headaches, or pressure on his temples. How could I have overlooked the fact that as he shoots up in height, his face and head are also growing? It seems a complete no-brainer now that I think about it, but as I haven't grown since I got my glasses five years ago, it just completely escaped my radar. I feel like a rather useless parent now! At least I'll know to look out for that issue in the future, especially as they shoot up around puberty.

Anyway, both got to choose brand new specs, one or two sizes bigger, so they are more than thrilled! And they will no doubt want a photo session next Monday when they go to pick them up.

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