Saturday, January 10, 2015

Birthday obsessive

Is five the first birthday you really remember or are really aware of? Or is there some other reason Amaia has become a full-on birthday obsessive in the short week between Charlotte's birthday and hers? She started off slowly enough, reminding us of little things she likes by writing a wish list and expressing her desire for a card with a badge so she could wear it to nursery on Monday. That was nothing out of the ordinary but by Friday she was skipping in from nursery checking the kitchen from top to bottom to see if anyone was 'baking any cakes'. This morning she practically pushed us out the door, saying 'should you lot not be out shopping - you might need to get a present or two' (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) She's filled the trolley with decorations for the dining table, ordered croissants for breakfast and left recipe books all round the house open at the chocolate cake page! She's checked the fridge twice for mince as told Lots she wants 'mince curry with beans' (aka chili con carne!) for dinner and asked if we're sure we've remembered to invite her cousins and granny round. She's being very sweet about it all but I am beginning to wonder if a birthday that is as well planned in her head as this can ever live up to expectation! Gulp!

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