Thursday, May 03, 2012

Local Council Elections

We all have something to say when it comes to the potholes in the road, the pavements that are falling apart, the plans for an incinerator in East Renfrewshire, the proposed new builds on the green belt and potential catchment changes, the number of staff in the local schools, their uniform policies and their funding, so why is it that we don't bother to vote in council elections? Today at around 5pm one of the candidates for this ward was in our garden (Thomas knows him and they were arranging the vote count tomorrow). He told me at that point the local polling station was running at a 13% turnout. Isn't that absolutely scandalous? I really think any of the 87% who didn't bother, should think twice before moaning about any of these topics for the next five years. They only have themselves to blame!

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