Sunday, March 20, 2011


Marcel goes to Mearns Castle High school. As you come out the front door you see windmills everywhere on the horizon. Every time I visit his school and see them I make a mental note to go and visit the windfarm, but I always forget.

As we left a meeting there this week, I decided to google the farm when I got home and yesterday the weather was passable enough for a visit. I had deliberately not visited the farm in winter because it claimed to be closed. Now I've been, I realize it is the visitor centre and not the farm that is closed in winter so I am already lining up next winter's snowy pictures of these majestic beasts!

Anyway, our visit was a great hit. Léon was in heaven, zooming about hyper with his imagination in overdrive, Anna was a little concerned by the vaguely scary big windmills, but felt ever so brave for walking amongst them. Amaia liked the walk but had no obvious opinion. Even Marcel and Charlotte didn't ooze teenage indifference as usual but asked about the technology behind them and didn't beg to go home. And it was a free, fresh-air experience! Result!

Thomas and I even discussed going power-walking there with Amaia in her buggy on nice afternoons when the other four are off at school and nursery... camera in hand of course!

How have I managed to live here on and off for the last ten years without ever going there?

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