Sunday, March 06, 2011


Derek and Amanda discussed countless names for little Alasdair when he was just a little boy-bump but I don't think Alasdair was ever mentioned to us until he was actually born. All the Als I knew were either Alistairs or Alastairs so when Derek spelled out A-L-A-S-D-A-I-R to me as I sat in the car park of South Devon Chilli farm last August, I felt daunted! I would never remember that! But the kids instantly came up with a solution. The first time I complained, Charlotte told me quite matter-of-fact that they'd chosen the ASDA spelling! Al-ASDA-ir - and it works! I now never forget... I wonder if they have another kid one day if they'll name him/her Al-TESCO-ir, just so stupid auntie can cope?!

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