Friday, February 25, 2011


Charlotte is a wee bit of a logic-only vulcan at times, seemingly not seeing what everyone else would do in a given situation but only what makes sense. Yesterday when I picked her up from school it was a beautiful, warm spring afternoon. She remarked as she got into Thomas's car that it was filthy. Given the weather conditions she offered to start up her car-washing business that she had been running all last summer. I agreed. Given her wee pal Demi, who she ran it with, has moved away she asked firstly if she could be paid double this year as she'd have to do the jobs herself. I saw no issue with that. She popped outside and spent a good half hour washing Thomas's car, hosing and drying it. I went out and it looked great, gleaming in the sunlight. She started to pack the stuff away. I walked round it. The passenger side was completely untouched! When I asked why, she told me she needed to do some important homework that would take her till sunset and would wash the other half of the car today, or Monday! Given her availability, she thought that was a completely logical thing to do. She, of course, isn't the one driving around in a half-black, half-red car looking like a complete weirdo. Is it just me?

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