Sunday, September 12, 2010


We found out last week that Léon was rather long-sighted. Today we picked up his glasses. Instantly when he put them on, he opened his mouth wide, looked immediately around himself and exclaimed 'woooooow, so this is what the world looks like!' Has my wee man's eyesight been so bad all this time without any of us noticing? :-( It nearly broke my heart to see this new excited Pudge, even happier than the usual Pudge. While tidying the kitchen after dinner, he bounced through to me and said 'Mummy, can I go outside and look at the night sky?' Again this was followed by another exclamation of awe. Wee man...

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Trine said...

They look quite nice on him.

I have heard the same from parents to kids with arthritis - when they start an effective treatment, suddently the kids are whole new persons. But since they've never known anything but pain, they don't know it's wrong.

Congratulations, Leon.