Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Our favourite curry house
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Anna has fallen asleep on me so it is computer or nothing...
After the Halloween party last Friday Thomas and I opted for a curry from our favourite curry house. It's been a few months since our last visit so I forgot there is no way you can fit in a starter and main course. Struggling through what seemed like a family portion of cumin-fried potato fritters, I was wondering where I was going to put my biryani. There was an Indian bloke eating alone at the next table. His entire table was covered in food. I was wondering if he was expecting company when he shouted over a waiter. Could I have the bill? he asked, Oh and please parcel up all my leftovers to go he added. The waiter simply said Of course and rushed off for takeaway boxes. My favourite restaurant suddenly bounced even further up my ratings.I didn't know you could get a doggy bag! I ate half my biryani, then had a lovely second curry for lunch on Saturday afternoon! Double yummy!

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