Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Danish breakfast
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I guess it is like night owls and morning people, you get breakfast people and non-breakfast people. In fact I wonder if they two groups are the same? I must ask around.
What I mean is, you get people like Pudge, who half way through opening his eyes from a deep sleep mutter 'I want chocolate krispies' and then proceed to eat three bowls of chocolate shreddies instantly their feet hit the ground. You get other people like Lots who get up and stare at a bowl containing 6 rice krispies, with horror and no real desire to eat until they have been up for about an hour. The problem is when the two sets overlap.
My dad left early for work when I was a kid and my mum is a non-breakfast night owl. We didn't really do breakfast, if we did it was rare. I went to school and first ate something at playtime around ten. It didn't bother me because it was what I knew. It was normal. I didn't realize I was actually a breakfast person! I lived alone as a student all round Europe and carried on with the routine. When I moved in with André, he assumed we would eat breakfast, so I ate breakfast, and only then realized I am actually a Pudge-person. I function much better on a big breakfast. If I had never lived with a breakfast person, I would probably never have discovered that. I wonder how many non-breakfast eating breakfast people there are out there. The opposite isn't true. Non-breakfast people being brought up by breakfast people sit horrified every morning with the sleepy nose in a bowl unwanted cereal or the likes.

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