Wednesday, February 06, 2008


For years I've been trying to find decent potatoes for making mash. Annie (André's mum) makes the best mash I have ever tasted and yet after years of watching her make it, I always end up with something waterier, less fluffy and less creamy somehow. Last week however, Thomas finally made something close to my beloved French mash. On investigation, it turned out he was using a type of potato I had never heard of: Wilja! It is definitely showing potential.

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Sebastian said...

I'm quite sure, it's not the specific sort of the potatoes. that you use/or don't use, that makes the biggest difference.

Boil the potatoes enough, save the water for later use, stir the potatoes with some fat milk, and maybe some of the water, spice with salt, peber and maybe a little muscat (muskat nød).

That should do ;)