Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A baby with 4 grandparents!
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It occurred to me last week when Brita and Peter were over that Anna is the first person in my family to have been born with all four grandparents alive for generations. I'm not sure about her greatgrandparents but every generation since then has been missing at least one grandparent. My parents were each missing at least one at birth. I came closest in 1968, missing my 4 by just 6 days, when my grandmother died at just 50, leaving me nothing but her name. Even my other 3 children have only 3 grandparents (we lost André's dad at the start of my pregnancy with Marcel). And Gordy too, unfortunately has just 2. Sadly, if people continue to have their kids later and later, Anna may also be the last for generations to be able to boast this feat.

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