Friday, February 08, 2008


You know I'm a bit of a photo freak - always have been since I was elected Eastwood high school photographer back in 1984!
Back in my pre-kids days...were there pre-kids days?...they are hard to remember, I loved nothing better than going round Glasgow centre or the West End with all my SLRs, lenses and other quirky nonsense weighing me down, taking pictures of the dear green place. These days, the emphasis is, of course, on the kids, but hopefully one day I will be able to get back my meanderings through the city, maybe with Charlotte (as she is a keen photographer) along. In the meantime, I take great pleasure at looking on flickr for Glasgow photos. I think my two favourite photographers on there at the moment are Betty Boop and Len Scaps.
Have a wee look at their lovely photos if you are at a loose end.

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