Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A few weeks ago my beloved hp Pavilion - you know the one whose DC socket was fixed in November, December, January and February - developed two new faults! It started overheating, the fan would come on, it would tell me it had reached critical temperature and it would shut itself down automatically usually between 30 seconds and 5 minutes after I turned it on! Then the on-off switch started only working every 10th attempt. I probably didn't blog it at the time for fear of my children being exposed to a rather long list of expletives! Anyway - the diagnosis was another £140 bill, on top of the £70 the DC socket had cost. I didn't trust them to fix it again, nor did I fancy them having it on and off for 4 months until it finally worked again, so I bit the bullet and ordered a nice new Lenovo laptop complete with windows VISTA. I have spent the last week installing most of my stuff on it - which wasn't fun - as the old computer only stays on 5 minutes at a time before switching itself off, backing up my whole system in 5 minute chunks was fairly tedious. Fortunately I had backed up most stuff in January so it was feasible. I am now very happy with my new acquisition - hopefully it will not give me reason to blog-rant in the near future at least.

With the kids away visiting their Oma in France this week, I have spent the first few days on the computer on a top secret, for now, assignment - possibly the most surreal thing I have been asked to do in a long time, but I can't mention it just yet though ;-)

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