Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Strange things happen over pizza!
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Two observations about the tooth incident yesterday.

Firstly one that surprised me a bit: as we were watching a movie last night I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Charlotte was writing something - when I looked more closely I saw a letter which started 'Dear Tooth Fairy' - given she announced after listening to Bandaid's 'Do they know it's Christmas?' at the age of 4 that there couldn't be a Santa if he didn't bother with Africa, I was more than surprised to contemplate her believing in a tooth fairy, but there you go - I did say she was a complex child! Anyway - she wrote to her that she had lost her tooth, apologizing profusely and intimating it was fine if she checked in her mouth while she was asleep, fine. This morning however I was woken up with Charlotte shouting - 'Muuuuum is there an 'e' in money? 'Yes, dear, why?' 'I can't find any money' (odd I thought - there was definitely a pound under your pillow when I went to bed ;-))
I later saw the second letter to the fairy. It read 'Dear Toothfairy Please can I get some MONEY now???'' I guess she's not going to be someone to mess with when she gets bigger! ;-)

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Thomas Widmann said...

Given her reaction this morning, I strongly assume she has sussed you're the tooth fairy but has decided to humour you to get money.