Tuesday, April 24, 2007



Are you ever really puzzled by something you see when you are out and about? The other day I was walking from Garnethill to the park to see Derek and Amanda and I passed this. Smallish 70cm square chunks of plastic grass with plastic flowers growing on it, for sale in a shop window. I hate plastic flowers more than most things but at least I can see that if you are a lazy git you might like to put them in a vase and display them tackily somewhere in your house, but plastic squares of lawn? Are you meant to buy a whole lawn's worth and stick them outside nailed to your front garden, or leave them lying decoratively somewhere in your house or what? What exactly are you meant to do with plastic lawn squares?


The Scudder said...

Remind me next time I see you and I'll explain .,,.,. Golfers use them !!! I can even show you mine !!

Phyl said...

with flowers on them????