Sunday, July 28, 2019

Time to learn to crochet?

As a small child I spent my Friday nights at my granny's. Granny knitted all her own cardies so I learned to knit. I don't knit much these days, but occasionally it's my de-stress mechanism - between Brexit and emigrating, I might soon have a blanket for each of my kids!

My mum always crocheted blankets, but I never learned to crochet. I know these days with YouTube it is easy to pick up but I've never really got round to it. I checked it out at one point a couple of years ago but it seemed so much slower than knitting, I quickly lost interest.

Denmark is much more artsy and craftsy than home - in so much as wool is available in every high street and supermarkets. There's even a wool shop that specialises in crochet patterns on Bogense main street. I must admit these patterns for VW camper vans are so cute, I might find myself back on YouTube for a tutorial or two in the near future. (And dare I ask - is that maybe a Chuggy pattern top left?!?!?)

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