Sunday, July 28, 2019

Fastfood phonetics

I was in McDonald's last week... well, there's a phrase you don't hear me say often (it was 1am and I was driving from Copenhagen to Funen so the options were few and far between). It's an occurrence so seldom, in fact, that my nearly-12-year-old daughter was shaking with excitement at the prospect of tasting her first 'big mac' ever - child cruelty, I know but I have standards to keep up!

Anyway - it turned out to be more educational than I had expected. They had various options on the menu that they felt the need to explain the pronunciation of, and as an English native (who has both French and Italian), I have to say their suggestions raised an eyebrow or two! If this is how I need to pronounce these words here in Denmark to be understood, I may have a difficult hill to climb ahead of me.

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