Saturday, September 05, 2015

Final countdown

This is how you run a family with this many kids... well it is how we do anyway, and it works. Every three months or so Thomas produces a chart like this and it gets stuck on the fridge door so we can see with plenty of warning when we might be unavailable and in need of a swap on tasks. Two days ago the last plan ran out. Computationally, Thomas decided it was much easier to run the new plan till Marcel leaves and then produce yet another one without him on, rather than programming for him being available till 11/9 but not beyond, so he printed this out and stuck it on the fridge door. The kids gathered round as usual to see who was on on their birthdays, at Halloween etc only to find this short plan instead. Thomas explained the rationale behind it. And poor Léon looked distraught as if the penny had finally dropped and walked away wailing and panicked 'Is this all the time we have left with Marcel?' It is going to take everyone a bit of getting used to.

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