Sunday, November 10, 2013

... That feeling of guilt you get when you microwave a cuddly toy...

So it's -2 and our heating has packed in (thanks boiler!) We're scurrying around the house looking for things to warm us up. Two, three, four and five have been dispatched to bed in onesies with a hot water bottle/lavender and wheat microwavable bed warmer toy and I have finally given in and become the last member of the family to buy a onesie. I am seriously hoping an undiscovered volcano doesn't erupt nearby in Pompeii fashion and engulf us in this state forever - my husband in a Santa onesie, me in a giraffe one. How would future generations analyse that?
I'm looking forward to British Gas turning up tomorrow morning as promised and hopefully fixing the heating in time to wash the kids for school on Monday.

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