Monday, November 11, 2013


There I was going about my daily business when this story jumped off Facebook's page at me. I had to sit down from shock! Once I'd gathered my thoughts I had to marvel at the logic of GCH paying £200 a week to send someone up to take it off when every week for 30 years (plus) it has reappeared. Everyone who has studied in this great city knows that someone in the pub/union on a Friday night will always get merry enough to suggest a trip to the Wellington, so this is the most colossal waste of money imaginable. Moreover whoever got them to agree to £100 a pop is definitely a shrewd business person (has no one in the council ever looked at it?) - I know for sure that I could easily pop it off with my extendable window-washing mop (it reaches to top floor of my house from the garden so why, if they are so hell-bent on removing it twice a week, is the street cleaner for Queen street not simply given one of these poles? - they cost a tenner in B&Q)! (Otherwise Complexli Ltd would be happy to put in a lower bid for the contract!) Furthermore, they are going to use £65K during the worst financial downturn in 100 years to raise the plinth by less than a metre! This, my dear council members, is not a deterrent, it's a bloody challenge! No matter how high the plinth gets, Wellington will always have a cone on his head. If you put him in a perspex cage some witty chap will superglue a cone to the top of it. If you take him away someone will put a cone on the very apex of the GoMA itself! And finally, one thing is sure, after it was revealed that an Edinburger was at the heart of the campaign for its removal, old city rivalries were stoked to the point where all I can say is: they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR CONE!

PS I can thoroughly recommend following this on Twitter as it unfolds - we are awash with true Glasgow humour from WellingtonCone to everything #conegate! Loving it...

PPS Here's a useful petition!

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