Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am slowly beginning to believe small children are actually insane!
I was driving along concentrating on the traffic when suddenly Anna let out a shriek like someone had jammed her arm in the electric window. I slammed on the brakes and turned round to ask why she was crying her eyes out. 'Léon just stole the last slice of the imaginary pizza I was holding! And now he's eaten it!' she announced, sniffing. Give me strength!
Today took the biscuit... I could hear Anna crying uncontrollably in the garden. Had she been stung by a wasp? Had she jammed her hand in the door? 'What's wrong Anna?' She was holding a wooden stacking block. She held it up. 'This is my imaginary tape recorder – I taped myself singing a song for my imaginary grandpa and Pudge taped over it using his block, what am I going to do now?' She was inconsolable.
I am speechless!

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