Friday, April 03, 2009


Thomas insists on buying sugar puffs for the kids - I think he must remember them fondly from his own childhood (or maybe he has shares in dental stocks) but they are seriously starting to make me twitch. They have to be the stickiest things on the planet. I'd suggest using them as your general household adhesive - in fact you could possibly stick up tiles with them or even build an extension using them as the mortar. When Pudge and Bits have them in the morning, you can guarantee the whole house will be sticky for 24 hours. There always seems to be one stuck to the sole of your sock, which of course you only discover after you zip on your boots and walk with a limp all afternoon. Grrr. And once they get on clothes and through a washing cycle - yeuch. Anna of course manages even to get them stuck in her hair, up her nose and in her ears. I think it's time we ate sugar puffs mainly on weekends.


Thomas Widmann said...

Cereals in my childhood could mean one of three things: Guldkorn (Sugar Puffs), Havrefras and Cornflakes.

Phyl said...

I'm currently picking them out the carpet so we need to laminate the dining room now or I'll need to give up the day job! :-\