Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've always had wee pet names for the kids. When Marcel was born he got called Minimec for a while through toddlerhood. Charlotte became Puddiny as a pudgy toddler. Later she became Naughty Lottie on Marcel's request, and finally she is now Lots. Léon was dubbed Pudge by Charlotte almost from birth, which alternated for a while with Nénaw, Léon's own name for himself. When Anna was tiny she became Anna-bits as in bitsy Anna. Léon has obviously been inspired by this. As of last weekend he has sponaneously been calling Anna Anna-cake, a name invented by him alone. Sweet!


Trine said...

He looks like he has "en ordentlig ølvom" in that picture. Sorry, but I can't translate that! But he looks cute, like a real boy. :)

The Scudder said...

Well, that's nice to know ,,,
he's LIKE a real boy !
I was almost sure Pudge never was Pinocchio !!

Phyl said...

a beer belly