Sunday, June 22, 2008

EURO 2008

Euro 2008
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I had to laugh at the English commentary on the Russia Holland match last night. After listening to them for 120 minutes, I was convinced the Russian team had two players - one sporting the rather unfortunate name Jerk off and one with a strangely Scottish Culloden. Strangely, this morning's papers mention only a Zhirkov and a Kolodin. Why do the English find it sooooo difficult to attempt to pronounce anything even remotely foreign?

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eti said...

But isn't Zhirkov pronounced more or less like 'Jerk off'? (okay the J/ZH should be softer and IR should be pronounced 'eer' I guess but well...)

Oh, in case you wonder, I found your blog after finding your Flickr account after hitting Lego as a search term...